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  • Break free from the effects of other people's negative words and behavior
  • Understand what happens when you are 'offended'
  • Identify the real reasons you 'hold on'
  • Realise that you can take back control of your life
  • Gain new perspectives on old issues you may have thought were dealt with
  • Discover why time is not a good healer
  • Let Go and Move On with step by step instructions
  • Review your progress
  • Help others to do the same!

This step by step process is a powerful technique that frees my spirit and soul.

The pain disappears when you let go and you can find who you really are. I've used this great concept with friends too and saw one set free from alcohol addiction and self abuse. Doing what this book says will improve your life forever.

I've just finished reading it. What a gem! Not only is the content first rate.

What really comes across is your gentleness of spirit.
Even the way it is written will inspire a person to want to let go and move on. The principles within it are truly insightful, effective and invaluable.

This book has helped me to understand some of the dynamics affecting me and my relationships.

The result has been a better outlook on where I fit with regard to some situations, and to be able to deal with things that had caused me pain. I feel this book will help with relationships that have been "no go" areas, both within the family circle and beyond.